Introduction to Psychosynthesis Workshop

An introduction to Psychosynthesis workshop, usually 6-8 hours, can be delivered in-person or online and can be scheduled as a one day training or divided into two or three sessions. Email Ann, Betty, or Svetlana for more information.

Psychosynthesis Distance Learning Program

This self-paced Psychosynthesis Distance Learning Program is presented by Ann Gila. There are three courses, and each is a prerequisite for the one that follows. Click here for details

Psychosynthesis  Distance Learning (in Russian Language)
Дистанционная Программа по Психосинтезу (click here)

Svetlana Tikhonova offers a Psychosynthesis Distance Learning Program in Russian, in three parts.  Study will be available beginning in September 2021. Both small group and individual formats are offered.  Email Svetlana  for more information.