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Psychosynthesis Conversations and Presentations
Ann Gila talks with Svetlana Tikhonova 

Ann Gila talks about the history of A Psychotherapy of Love, five stages of psychosynthesis, the crisis of transformation, authentic unifying centers, the existential crisis, and empathic love as the most essential quality in therapeutic relationships. 
Recorded in August 2019, Palo Alto.

Ann Gila interviewed by Judith Broadus, filmed by Vincent Dummer

Part 1

Ann’s early years in psychosynthesis; the San Francisco Institute; Roberto Assagioli tapes; living the psychosynthesis principles in daily life; spiritual empathy; the subtlety of therapeutic agendas; acceptance of the unknown.

Part 2

Firman and Gila’s psychosynthesis innovations: Self, and the developmental model; the writing of A Psychotherapy of Love; what the therapist does; psychosynthesis therapy as a journey model; role-play session; empathic curiosity.

Part 3

Firman and Gila on will; authentic unifying center follows the will of the client and facilitates the emergence of “I”; not using the article “the” in referring to “I” and to Self; “call.”

Part 4

Empathic resonance; empathy vs. spiritual empathy; Self-realization hypothesis.

John Firman and Ann Gila talk about their journey in psychosynthesis 

Association for the Advancement of Psychosynthesis Conference, St. Paul, Minnesota
Mark Kaplan interviews John Firman on his experience of "call."
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