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Consultation and/or Supervision

Consultation is offered to interns and licensed therapists and requires no knowledge of psychosynthesis. This consultation service is for those who:

  • are seeking guidance in their work with clients

  • are struggling in their therapeutic relationship with a particular client

  • need support or mentoring as a beginning therapist

  • are questioning what psychotherapy is

  • are wishing to integrate the use of imagery or sandplay in their work with clients

  • are seeking to find their psychotherapeutic orientation

  • find themselves bored or irritated with a specific client

  • are wondering if their countertransference issues are interfering with their ability to be present with their client

  • are questioning who they are as a psychotherapist

  • are confused about whether being a psychotherapist is a role, or a way of making a living, or a call to service

  • wish to explore what it means to integrate a spiritual or transpersonal perspective in their work with clients

  • wish to deepen their understanding of psychosynthesis theory and see its relevance to their psychotherapeutic work

Consultation services are also available for life coaches.

Email Ann, Betty, or Svetlana if you are interested in individual or group supervision/consultation, either as needed or as an on-going service. 

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