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What is Psychosynthesis Circle?


For decades, John Firman and Ann Gila studied psychosynthesis through the writings of Roberto Assagioli, and those of others. Also informing their study was the first-hand experience John had during the two-and--half months he spent with Assagioli in Florence, and in Capolona, Italy. John and Ann discovered that often when they turned to the recordings John made during his time with Assagioli, as well as when they would re-read Assagioli’s writings, a new and deeper level of understanding would emerge.


Assagioli heartily encouraged those who worked with him to continue to advance psychosynthesis, asserting that he did not “want by any means to give the impression that it [psychosynthesis] is . . . something already fully developed or satisfactorily completed.” As time went on, while maintaining the integrity of  psychosynthesis, John and Ann further developed certain psychosynthesis concepts, and in response to their own experience and that of clients, created a psychosynthesis developmental model based on a conversation John had had with Roberto Assagioli. In their psychotherapeutic work, John and Ann have sought to bridge psychosynthesis psychotherapy with other psychological approaches such as object relations and intersubjective psychology.


For twenty years, John and Ann taught psychosynthesis to masters and doctoral students at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (ITP). Some students, after graduation from ITP and after having become licensed psychotherapists, have continued to study with Ann as they seek to deepen their understanding and integration of psychosynthesis in their psychotherapy practices. This website grew out of the wish of several of these students to share psychosynthesis with individuals engaged in exploring their lives, as well as professionals wishing to understand and integrate psychosynthesis in their work.


The intention of Psychosynthesis Circle is to provide resources, such as articles,  audio recordings, video recordings, and programs that are aligned with psychosynthesis as a psychotherapeutic approach which is infused with a deep respect for the unique life journey of each individual. We wish to inspire, support, and dialogue with those who hold a similar vision, and to deepen our own understanding of this perspective as we bring it to our work as psychotherapists, supervisors, and seminar leaders.


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