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This book shows what psychosynthesis looks like in the empirical practice of psychotherapy. It offers an approach to psychotherapy founded in altruistic love, a love that nurtures the innate drive within human beings to embrace and actualize the whole of who they are.


This book presents a comprehensive account of psychosynthesis, providing a transpersonal integration of developmental, personality, and clinical theory. The chapters of the book focus on the major themes found in psychosynthesis theory. 

The Primal Wound.jpg

The Primal Wound applies object relations theory, self-psychology, transpersonal psychology, and psychosynthesis to the issues of psychological wounding, healing, and growth.


In this book, John Firman explores the theoretical foundations of psychosynthesis, with an in-depth focus on two central concepts: “I,” our most essential identity, and Self, the deeper ontological reality of which “I” is a reflection.


In this memoir, Ann Gila writes authentically about her life with John Firman. Theirs was a marriage based upon trust and vulnerability, commitment to truth, and an intellectual delight in co-creating significant innovations in psychosynthesis theory. 


This book, the first of two that was written by Roberto Assagioli during his lifetime, is comprised of psychosynthesis principles and techniques. It includes his often quoted article, “Self-realization and Psychological Disturbances,” as well as chapters on both personal and spiritual psychosynthesis.


The Act of Will
By Roberto Assagioli

In this book Assagioli introduces the reader to the existential experience of “willing.” He intended this book to be a tool for the exploration, development, and utilization of the will. Chapters include the skillful will, the good will, and the stages of willing.

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