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April 15, 2006

Selections from training presented by John Firman and Ann Gila 

The Self-Realization Hypothesis
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Winter 2005
Selections from a course taught at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology by John Firman and Ann Gila — Subpersonalities, Developmental Model, and Disidentification

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Developmental Model
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October 25, 1973
Roberto Assagioli  

Roberto Assagioli
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This brief audio of Roberto Assagioli was recorded by John Firman on October 25, 1973. The recording was made on cassette tape, and Roberto’s English is difficult to understand. These brief passages were included for historical purposes.


  1. Roberto Assagioli: When in a nutshell, it’s like I am not angry, or in love, or this or that.  “I” am a reflection of a Self, therefore of the same nature of the Self, which is light.

  2. John Firman: You outgrow.
    Roberto Assagioli: But outgrowing does not mean losing. You can and should keep the child in ourselves. That's important, not kill the child. You see, the child remains, the adolescent remains, and so on. Outgrowing doesn’t mean eliminating.
    John Firman: Yeah, that’s true.
    Roberto Assagioli: Of course that is the ideal process, only we are too stupid and we try to kill or repress. There is the notion that one has to kill the child to become mature. Or to repress the previous stages. They can be included.

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